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40 Days Later - Chelum 1418H in London (new!)
by Murtaza Sheikh Yahya Gulamali
Al-Dai-el-Fatimi and Fatimi Architecture
by Tasneem Palanurwala
Commentary on 'A Philosophic Discourse'
by Shahzada Yusuf Najmuddin SDT, AB, D.Litt
Reflections on Lent
by Sheikh Mustafa Abdulhussein
by Tasneem Palanpurwala
Imam Hussein - Father of all Mankind
by MohammedulBakir N Khanbhai
Nabi Mohammed (SA)
by Tasneem Palanpurwala
The Crowning Glory - Surat Masjid Iftetah
by Sheikh Mustafa Abdulhussein
Time of Joy - Houston Masjid Iftetah
by Sheikh Zoher Ghadiali
Coin of King Offa - Mercia, England
courtesy of Sheikh Mustafa Abdulhussein
Ashara Timeline (Hijri Calendar)
by Mulla Zakir Haveliwala
When a Tear Is An Ocean
by Hatim Bhaisaheb Shakir
Excerpt from "A Story of Faith"
courtesy of Sakina Raja
Syedna Qadi Nauman (RA)
by Sheikh Saifuddin Rashid
Poem on Imam-uz-Zaman
courtesy of Mubaraka M. Shabbir Saifee
Poem on Shaheed Karbala
by Murtuza Saifuddin Topiwala
History of Duat Mutlaqin
courtesy of Shabbir Gandhi, requires password (Boston)
Sherullah in Mumbai - 1417 Hijri
by Mustafa Pedhiwala, requires password (Boston)
Al-Mutlaqa Al-Fatemi Al-Ilm
forwarded by Shabbir Saifuddin Topiwala, requires password (Boston)
Translation of "Aalo Taha"
by Shahzada Hatim Bhaisaheb Hamiduddin, AB, SDT, requires password (Boston)
Adads of Arabic letters
by Mulla Zakir Haveliwala, requires password (DC)
Seerat - Life of Hazarat Ali
by Mulla Zakir Haveliwalla, requires password (DC)
Excerpts from Nahj al-Balagha
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Ezzi, requires password (DC)
more Deeni essays
courtesy of Hakimi Mohalla, requires password (Boston)
more Deeni essays
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Ezzi, requires password (DC)
Rabeha Newsletter
translated by Sheikh Mustafa Abdulhussein, requires password (Boston)
Valuable Source books of Fatimi History
forwarded by Sakina Goolamabbas
Ashara 1418H Short Report (new!)
courtesy of Nasim-e-Sahar Magazine
Excerpts from Treasury of Reminescences
requires password (DC)
H.H. Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS)
courtesy of Oxford University Press
Dawoodi Bohras
courtesy of Oxford University Press
Rare Serenity and Quiet Inner Joy
'The Foundation' monthly , June 1960
Dedication of Saifee Villa
'The Foundation' monthly, April 1961
Ruby - King of Gems
courtesy of "Al-Burhan" vol.6
Al-Ilm - The Noble Heritage
courtesy of "Al-Burhan", vol.8, requires password (Boston)
Maulatena Fatema-tuz Zahra (A.S)
courtesy of "Al-Burhan", vol.9
Ziyarat - Awliya Kiraam
courtesy of "Al-Burhan" vols.10-13, requires password (Boston)
Maulatena Hurratul Maleka (R.A)
courtesy of "Al-Burhan", vol.13
Linking Trade and Religion
courtesy of South China Morning Post 19th March 1979
Safarnama - Ambassador of Goodwill
author unknown, requires password (DC)
Jamaats of the United States (imagemap) (new!)
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Ezzi
Anjuman-e-Badri, Hakimi Mohalla, Boston MA
Anjuman-e-Saifee, Chicago IL
Anjuman-e-Najmi, Toronto
Anjuman-e-Najmi, Ottawa
Anjuman-e-Ezzi, Washington DC
Anjuman-e-Saifee, Sri Lanka
Dargah-e-Hakimi, Burhanpur
Burhani Foundation Profile
Shabab-Eddiz-Zahabi, Kuwait
Useful Worldwide Bohra Addresses
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Najmi (Ottawa)
Dawoodi Bohra On-Line Business Directory (prototype) (new!)
courtesy of Murtaza Amiji
International Dawoodi Bohra Internet Directory (new!)
courtesy of Murtaza J. Rasheed
Dawat e-mail addresses
courtesy of Hakimi Mohalla, requires password (Boston)
Bohranet Information and FAQ
ftp courtesy of Yusuf Goolamabbas
Al-Qur'an Majid
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Ezzi
Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table
US Naval Observatory
Islamic Calendar and World Salaat Timings program
Imran Hussein
Hijri/Urus Mubarak Calendar program
Hatim Motiwala
Dawoodi Bohra links and Downloads (new!)
courtesy of Mufadal Shaikh Mustafa Gomberawalla
Bohranet Information and FAQ
ftp courtesy of Yusuf Goolamabbas
Directions to Houston Masjid
Mustafa Raja
Gulf News: News in the Middle East, Gulf, & Subcontinent (new!)
Emirates Internet (new!)
The News
Karachi, Pakistan
The Dawn
Karachi, Pakistan
The Nation
Lahore, Pakistan
The Times of India
Bombay, India
The Hindustan Times
Bombay, India
The Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois
USA Today
Washington, D.C.
The Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts
The New York Times
New York City, New York
The Times
London, U.K.
Masjid Al-Mohammedi, Houston - Iftetah pictures (new!)
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Shujaee
Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed Rosa, Ahmedabad
courtesy of Murtaza Sheikh Yahya Gulamali
Qibla of Masjid Al-Muazzam, Surat
courtesy of Murtaza Sheikh Yahya Gulamali
Aqa Moula (TUS) on Ashura 1418H
courtesy of Murtaza Sheikh Yahya Gulamali
Masjid Al-Muazzam, Surat - Iftetah pictures
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Najmi (Ottawa)
Ashara 1418H, Surat - Vaaz pictures
courtesy of Mulla Aamer Benarif Husain
Islamic coin minted by King Offa of England
courtesy of Sheikh Mustafa Abdulhussein
Al-Jame Al-Anwar Masjid, Qahera, Egypt
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Ezzi (DC)
Zarih at Ruoos-es Shohoda, Syria
courtesy of Anjuman-e-Ezzi (DC)
Samples of Kufi Calligraphy
courtesy of
audio (requires RealAudio 3.01)
Marasiyahs & Azaan
courtesy of Hakimi Mohalla, requires password (Boston)
Ashara 1418H Official Web Page
Ashara 1418H Official Web Page

With the Raza Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS), a website has been created for Ashara Mubraka 1418 H for the benefit of those mumineen who were unable to attend Ashara in Surat.

The website mainly contains the iqtebaasaat (summary of the day's waaz). It also contains a Nasihat section with the Nasihat's of different Hudaad Kiram prayed everyday at the waaz.

Please e-mail Yusuf Goolamabbas for username and password for access to this site. Please e-mail the webmasters of the site directly for comments, suggestions, and donations of photos or other items that may be suitable for inclusion.

Use the menu at left to jump to specific categories, and use the orange arrows "" to pull that section to the top. Using the "back" button on your browser is not recommended, as it may interfere with the display. Instead, use the "home" link at left to return to my homepage or use the "go" menu on your browser to revisit sites that you previously have seen.

Some pages are password-protected to prevent misuse - for your convenience, I have summarized the logins and supplied clues for the associated passwords. These are not the actual passwords! They are clues to help you guess what the passwords are:

Hakimi Mohalla (Boston) bohras Name of the famous Raudat in Bombay
Anjuman-E-Ezzi (DC) guest Numerical value of bismillah and Ya-Ali, separated by a hyphen (###-###)

Please email me with additions, suggestions, submissions, and/or comments to this list. Thank you.